School Board Resolution Regarding State Testing 2021

                                                                             March 15, 2021

Resolution of the Ashland School Board Regarding State Testing 2021

Resolution #2020-2021 – D1

WHEREAS, Ashland School District is committed to educating all students, including focusing on their mental, emotional, physical, and social wellbeing, while continuing to safeguard the health of our students, our staff, and our community;

WHEREAS, school closures over the past year have caused students of all ages to lose countless hours of instructional time;

WHEREAS, school districts nationwide, including Ashland School District, are reporting varying levels of learning loss compared to other years;

WHEREAS, the achievement gap has grown wider over the past year, especially among student of color, students with disabilities, and English Language Learners;

WHEREAS, in a non-pandemic year the Ashland School Board supports the use of statewide standardized testing in order to drive state and district goals;

WHEREAS, state-mandated testing will require sacrificing several hours of badly-needed instructional time for most students;

WHEREAS, state test results do not provide data or information that individual teachers can use to inform their instruction or identify areas for remediation among their students;

WHEREAS, Ashland schools have been administering valid and reliable formative tests throughout the school year, providing timely data that teachers use to provide multi-tiered systems of support and meet individual student needs;

WHEREAS, the Oregon Department of Education lists 12 threats to valid interpretations of summative assessments this year;

WHEREAS the Oregon Department of Education has itself applied for a waiver for summative testing for the 2020-2021 school year and states in its waiver application, “...summative assessment cannot meet its intended aims this spring. We cannot make trustworthy academic achievement comparisons between schools and districts sufficient for identification of comprehensive and targeted supports. Nor can we provide reliable and generalizable student group reporting. We also cannot look to summative assessment for instructionally actionable information.” (Oregon’s Statewide Assessment and Accountability 2020-21 Strategic Waiver Request, p. 6)

WHEREAS, the Director of the Oregon Department of Education, Colt Gill, stated in the waiver request, “This is not the time for summative assessment and high- stakes accountability.” and “This is not a time to subject families and educators to additional stressors that would be required for remote administration of summative assessments..” (Oregon’s Statewide Assessment and Accountability 2020-21 Strategic Waiver Request, p. 18);

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the Ashland School Board directs the Ashland School District to administer the 2020-2021 Smarter Balanced Assessment or other state-mandated tests only to those students who request it, and/or to any students whose parent/guardian requests it.

Adopted this ______15th____ day of March, 2021.

Eva Skuratowicz

Eva Skuratowicz, Board Chair

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