Staff Directory

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Last Name 
Jennifer  Bacon  Speech & Language Specialist  John Muir School   
Michelle  Bolinger  Child Development Specialist  John Muir School   
James  Bowers  5th/6th Grade Teacher  John Muir School   
Belinda   Brown  School Nurse  John Muir School   
Laura  Davis  Office Manager  John Muir School   
Stephanie  Dyer  Special Education Assistant  John Muir School   
Allandra  Emerson  Education Assistant  John Muir School   
Lynne  Grimes  Education Assistant  John Muir School   
Rebecca  Gyarmathy  Principal, John Muir School   John Muir School   
Ashlee  Hope  PE Teacher  John Muir School   
Zuna  Johnson  English Language Learning Teacher  John Muir School   
Velda  Matsdorf  Reading/Math Teacher Specialist  John Muir School   
Sage  Meadows  Music Specialist  John Muir School   
JoEllen  Meyeroff  Kindergarten/1st Grade Teacher  John Muir School   
Suzanne  Mielke  Education Assistant  John Muir School   
Marcia  Ososke  7th & 8th Grade Teacher  John Muir School   
Nassar  Rihan  4th Grade Teacher  John Muir School   
Lisa  Spencer  Education Assistant  John Muir School   
Michael  Stiles  Education Assistant  John Muir School   
Mark  Tapley  School Psychologist  John Muir School   
Vanessa   Taylor  Special Education Teacher  John Muir School   
Shain  Toner  Education Assistant  John Muir School   
Kimberly  West  2nd/3rd Grade Teacher  John Muir School   

Today's Events - Monday September 25 2017
No Events For Today
Upcoming Events - Tuesday September 26 2017
Boys Junior Varsity Soccer
Crater HS
- North Mountain Park
- 4:00 PM
Girls Junior Varsity Soccer
Crater HS
- 4:00 PM
Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball
Thurston HS
- 4:30 PM
Girls JV 2 Volleyball
Thurston HS
- 4:30 PM
Girls Varsity Volleyball
Thurston HS
- 5:45 PM
Girls Varsity Soccer
Crater HS
- 7:00 PM
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