Changes in Open Enrollment FAQ

What has changed?
Oregon Law on open enrollment has changed.  Beginning the 2019-2020 school year, Open Enrollment is no longer allowed under state law.
Oregon will require that anyone requesting to transfer to a non-resident district be released by the resident district before requesting placement from his or her preferred district.
Open enrollment for the 2018-2019 school year closed April 1st.
How can I request a transfer?
Go to your resident school district and ask for a release to apply to Ashland.  If you receive a release, bring it to Student Services at 885 Siskiyou Boulevard.  We accept students for the coming school year through September 30 of that year based on available space.  For more information, click here.
If my child was accepted under Open Enrollment, can he or she stay?
Yes.  If your child was previously accepted under open enrollment, they may stay through graduation unless they enroll in another district.  If our child enrolls in another district, they may no longer return under open enrollment.
What are the financial implications to Ashland School District of changes in open enrollment law?
As of April 2018, Ashland has close to 400 students on transfers from other districts and a much smaller number of students transferring out to other districts. The District receives around 10% of its annual revenue from transfer students. Over time, the current number of students on transfers will decrease through graduation. The District will need to monitor the loss of revenue and will need to address any loss by reducing expenditures.

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