Identification & Screening

Eligibility for Talented and Gifted Services
The following students will be eligible for Talented and Gifted (TAG) services:
  • Any student, K-12, screened and identified as TAG in Ashland School District. If there are legitimate, documented concerns about misidentification, a process will be set into place to address this. No student will be removed from TAG status without parental involvement in the above process, nor without parental approval. If transfer to another public or private school interrupts a student’s attendance in Ashland School District, s/he should be eligible for TAG services upon re-entering the district.
  • Any student, K-12, identified as TAG in another Oregon school district which is operating under the same regulations and with similar eligibility guidelines. A student thus identified will not be required to re-qualify upon entering Ashland School District. Students transferring from out of state will be subject to review by the appropriate TAG school committee to determine their eligibility. Depending on the availability of identification information, including appropriate test scores, students who were qualified out of state may be required to undergo additional evaluation.
Identification Criteria
No student shall be identified based on a single criteria, such as a test score. Conversely, no student shall be disqualified based on a single criteria. The following criteria shall constitute the minimum required to identify a student for TAG services:

1. At least TWO indicators of giftedness, which must include one of the following:
  • a standardized group intelligence/cognitive ability or achievement score at the 97%ile or above
  • a standardized individual intelligence/ cognitive ability or achievement score at 97%ile or above (requires parent permission)
2. The second indicator may include one or more of the following:
  • a second group or individual test score
  • strong evaluations by teachers
  • strong indicators of giftedness from the KOI or similar instrument
  • evidence of superior academic performance, e.g. grades (Academically Talented only)
3. For Non-typical identification (also known as “Potential to Perform”):
  •  high group standardized tests or individual standardized test scores for English Language Learners (ELL), standardized test scores in a nonverbal intelligence test such as the Raven or in English and the student’s native language which, when considered together, would place the student in the 97%ile of ELL or bilingual students
  • for other non-typical nominees, such as: students from ethnic minorities, students with disabilities, and students who are culturally different or economically disadvantaged, additional evidence, such as a student self assessment or parent survey, may be considered in combination with other criteria
  • screening reports for non-typical students who are identified without a 97%ile score should include a description of:
a) why standardized test scores would not be reliable indicators for this
b) what indicators the committee used instead to identify the student

Screening Process
For information regarding screening process, see the Ashland School District Talented and Gifted Procedures Manual

Non-Typical TAG Nominees
Subjective data from a variety of sources must be considered in the screening process to identify students from non-typical populations. All of the suggested supplemental screening tools are presently available through the District Special Services Office or SOESD.

For more information regarding The Ashland School District  identification and screening process, see the Ashland School District Talented and Gifted Procedures Manual


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