Policy and Procedures

2017 District Corrective Action Plan
The purpose of the corrective action plan is to appropriately address identified areas of non‐compliance with OAR 581‐022‐1330 Programs and Services for Talented and Gifted (TAG) Students. To view the Ashland School District Corrective Action Plan, CLICK HERE.

District Responsibility for TAG
Listed below are the major requirements for identifying and serving TAG students in Oregon. These are based on the Oregon Administrative Rules and the Oregon Department of Education guidelines concerning appropriate services for TAG students. Oregon Laws and regulations are included in the back of the Ashland School District Talented and Gifted Procedures Manual.
  • Teachers must document students’ rate and level of learning and the assessment used to determine them on an ongoing basis.
  • Instruction (modifications based on assessment) that is delivered to students must be documented. Appropriate documentation may include:
    • lesson plan books with notations
    • grade books
    • student contracts
    • anecdotal records
    • portfolios
    • end-of-year PEP progress notations
  • Modifications to instruction must be clearly linked to assessment in each academic area. Assessment is based on the specific curriculum of the individual course and is ongoing.
  • 100% compliance by all teachers for all identified students is expected.
  • Multiple options for students must be provided in order to best meet the learning needs of identified students.
  • Enrichment activities should not be offered in place of acceleration.
  • The TAG identification process should begin in kindergarten.
Ashland School Board Policy
Talented and Gifted Program (IGBB)
The district will provide an educational program that recognizes and serves the unique needs of talented and gifted students in all schools and grade levels.

Identification - Talented and Gifted** (IGBBA)
In order to serve academically talented and intellectually gifted students in grades K-12, the district directs the superintendent after due consideration of the input of staff, parents and the community to establish a written identification process.

Appeals Procedure for Talented and Gifted Identification and Placement** (IGBBA-AR)
The Board has established an appeals process for parents to utilize if they are dissatisfied with the
identification process and/or placement of their student in the district program for talented and gifted
(TAG) students and wish to request reconsideration. The district’s desire and intent is to reach satisfactory solutions during the informal process.

Identification - Talented and Gifted Students among Nontypical Populations** (IGBBB)
The district will make an effort to identify talented and gifted students from special populations

Programs and Services - Talented and Gifted** (IGBBC)
A district written plan will be developed for programs and services. All required written course statements shall identify the academic instructional programs and services to be provided which address the assessed levels and accelerated rates of learning in identified talented and gifted students. The superintendent will remove any administrative barriers that may exist which restrict students’ access to appropriate services and will develop program and service options.

PLEASE NOTE: Ashland School District is currently undergoing a volitional policy review with
OSBA; above policies may be updated prior to the 2017‐18 school year.

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