About Our School

Willow Wind Community Learning Center is a public K12 alternative program sponsored by the Ashland School District. 

The mission of Willow Wind is:

~Willow Wind provides a strong academic foundation while helping students develop a clear sense of self and membership in the community.
~Willow Wind serves students who thrive in a learning environment that encourages student choice and responsibility.
~Willow Wind students are encouraged to ask questions, take risks, and develop a genuine love of learning.
~Willow Wind community members (teachers, parents, students) work together in an academic environment that encourages hard work, curiosity, and integrity.


A fundamental element at Willow Wind is the belief that in addition to academic challenges, students should have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular experiences that foster personal development and responsibility. Students are encouraged to be curious, pursue their passions, and maintain a genuine love of learning.

Willow Wind serves self-motivated learners who are able to define their interests, understand their learning styles, and take charge of their own education with the guidance of a teacher who is familiar with grade level expectations. Students must have the ability to focus and produce work during unstructured time and easily transition between multiple teachers and groups of students. Willow Wind is designed to serve the needs of students who thrive in a learning environment that encourages student choice and provides opportunities for students to be actively involved in developing learning options. With choices comes responsibility and students must take responsibility for their learning and behavior. Students attending Willow Wind must participate in a manner that reflects their desire to be here. We have high expectations of students both academically and as members of the community. 

Willow Wind serves full time students through the Parent Partner program as well as home-school and part time students. Willow Wind is designed to allow families to combine elements of public education with parental choice. Parents of enrolled students must be actively involved in the education of their children. Willow Wind is a multi-age environment where every child in a family is welcome. We believe children benefit from interactions with babies, peers, and children older than themselves.


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