AHS Senior Update

We have received final guidance from the Oregon Department of Education.  While there are still a few questions, here’s what we know.
A link to the Oregon Department of Education guidelines is at the bottom of this message.
Am I going to graduate?
Yes!  If you are passing all of your required classes, congratulations!  You are set to graduate.
Are essential skills required?
No!  Documentation of essential skills in reading, math and writing are waived for the Class of 2020.
Are community service hours required?
No!  Incomplete community service hours are waived.
Are senior projects required?
No!  Senior projects are waived.
What credits are required to graduate?
All students who earn the minimum 48 credits required for Oregon will receive an Ashland High School diploma.  For details, click here (We do math differently here: 24 state credits = 48 Ashland credits)
Seniors with a passing grade as of the closure on March 13 will receive a grade of Pass (P) and a 1.0 credit for each semester 2 course.  That’s it!  (Unless you are taking Dual Credit or AP Exam – see below)
We’ll have a text book and materials return at a date to be determined.
If you have earned a Pass (P), you have no further course or attendance requirements and will be dropped from class sections in Microsoft Teams.  See exceptions for AP exam takers and dual credit below.
What if I did not have a passing grade in a class on the closure date (March 13)?
Students with failing grades in classes required for graduation will have through April 15 to complete work needed to bring the pre-closure grade to a Pass (P).  If you are not passing at that time, you will receive a grade of Incomplete (I).
  • If the credit is not required for graduation, the student will be removed from the course and the course will not be reflected on the transcript.
  • If the credit is required for graduation, students must complete all incomplete work and earn a Pass (P) by May 29, in order to participate in graduation ceremonies.
    • August 31 is the last day to submit incomplete work for students graduating with the Class of 2020.
Communicate with your teacher on work needed to bring your grade to Pass (P).
What if I am in a credit recovery class?
If you have a 60% or higher in your online class, you will receive a Pass (P) grade.
If you complete enough work to reach an overall score of 60% or higher by April 15, it will be reflected and published as a final Pass (P) grade.
We strongly encourage you to complete work by April 15.  If needed, you may complete work as late as August 31.
What if I am taking an AP exam? What if I am enrolled in dual credit?
Seniors planning to take AP exams may continue to attend those classes.  Check with your teacher or the College Board for exam dates and information.
Seniors may continue to attend Dual Credit classes so they may earn college credit under the guidelines of the colleges.  Please check with your teacher for updates on this topic.
If you were failing at the time of closure, communicate with your teacher about work to be completed to earn a Pass (P) grade.
What about graduation?
Leadership students are continuing to work on options for a summer graduation ceremony and alternatives. 
Seniors will graduate on time.  There will not be an in-person graduation May 29th.
We are looking at alternatives and will have a ceremony when we can in the future.  We have secured Lithia Park for July 10th for an in-person celebration if circumstances allow.  Save the date!
We will move graduation further out as needed and keep you up to date.
Leadership is working on creative ways to hold graduation that will allow options for social distancing and distance participation for those that cannot travel.  Leadership students will be seeking input from seniors on possible options.  We will celebrate you!  More in the next few weeks.
Will a PASS grade impact my cumulative GPA or class standing?
NoI  Senior honors and GPA will be based on cumulative GPA at the end of Semester 1.
Will a PASS grade impact my college choice or scholarships?
Rest assured - all public schools in Oregon and many across the country are following these guidelines.
Colleges across the country and the world are revising admissions and scholarship standards for the high school Class of 2020 due to the pandemic related closures.  They expect to see Pass (P) grades on many student transcripts.  Your high school transcript will clearly reflect that the Oregon Department of Education mandated Pass (P) only grades during the pandemic.
Where can I go for more information from the State of Oregon?
The State of Oregon has issued guidance for seniors located here.
Stay safe, stay positive, stay Grizzly!
Samuel Bogdanove
Interim Principal
Ashland High School
Pronouns: He, Him, His

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