District Memo regarding Air Quality

District Memo regarding Air Quality 2018            Air Quality Rating

August 24, 2018

Greetings Ashland School District Families;

With the continued smoke from area wildfires, the district has been working hard to address air 
quality concerns and ensure the safety of our students and staff. We are confident with the 
measures outlined below we will all have a healthy start to the new school year!
• Indoor Air Quality: 20 portable “air scrubbers” are located in buildings throughout the district. 
These filters will be used to maintain health air quality. The operations team will monitor indoor 
air quality throughout the day to insure the safety of our students and staff.
• Outdoor Air Quality: Please review the attached Oregon Health Authority guidance to schools. The 
district and each location will use this table combined with the City of Ashland air quality 
reporting system to determine appropriate outdoor activities when smoke is present.
•   Air Filtration Masks: In order for air filtration masks to be effective, they must fit 
properly. If your student is particularly sensitive to smoke, we encourage you to work with your 
healthcare provider to obtain a well- fitting mask.
• Smoke Sensitivity: Smoke can be especially concerning for those living with asthma, allergies or 
other chronic respiratory conditions. If you have concerns specific to your child’s needs at school 
or if your child has a health condition that causes them to miss more than three days of school, 
please contact your school office.
• Student Absences: Absences due to air quality follow the same procedures as any absence due to 
illness. Parents may excuse up to three absences. Frequent absences or absences of more than three 
consecutive days due to illness/air quality may require follow up with the school nurse and/or 
verification from a health care provider.
o Oregon Law requires the district to drop students after 10 consecutive school days of 
non-attendance, regardless of the reason for the absence. Students who have been dropped due to 
long-term absence may be re-enrolled at the school office when they are ready to return to class.
Thank you for sharing your concerns, we look forward to seeing your kids next week! Sincerely,

Laurie Rooper                                                                                Jordan Ely
Director of Human Resources & Communications              Chief Finance & Operations Officer

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