Message from Superintendent Raymond

February 21, 2018
Dear Ashland families,
After the recent incident at Ashland High School and the tragic event in Parkland, Florida, I want to reassure you that we are doing everything in our power to provide a safe learning environment for students and staff.
We continue to partner with the Ashland Police Department. They support our schools by providing a presence on campus and we are meeting with them to continually improve our security systems. This includes their collaboration with us in training, mapping each site to understand the layout and providing feedback.
I am also excited to announce the School Resource Officer (SRO) position has been funded. The Ashland Police Chief informed us that as soon as the Ashland Police Department conducts new officer training, the SRO will be deployed to the School District in the 2018-2019  school   year.
It is always our goal to know all of our students well by name, strength and need to support their growth and learning. Thus, we encourage staff and students to report any concerns with suspicious or inappropriate behavior  on campus. The community can also use the Safe Oregon   link
www to report any concerns. In addition, we have conducted training and regular safety drills and procedures  aligned to state statutes.
Furthermore, as we look to the future, we are assessing all of our buildings for approaches to increased security. We want students and the community to feel welcome in our schools. At the same time, we realize the unfortunate necessity to think about tightening access, upgrading doors and locks, and exploring defensive barriers and structures. Some short-term measures can be accomplished quickly. Others will require time and  resources.
We appreciate you advocating for school safety by contacting elected officials to consider both policies and funding for school security.
I invite you to join in continued conversation about best ways to foster learning in secure environments for our students. Please watch our web site for safety and security updates and resources .


Kelly Raymond, Superintendent

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