Feb 28 Career Day Special Schedule

Career Day
February 28, 2018
8:30-9:00:                                2nd Period (Forms and attendance)
9:00-9:30:                                Session 1
9:39-10:09:                              Session 2
10:18-10:48:                            Session 3
10:57-11:27:                            Session 4
11:27-11:37:                            2nd Period (forms & attendance)
11:37-12:20:                            Lunch
**There will be a lunch for career day presenters and other business partners hosted by myself and some of the CTE teachers to share our exceptional work, build partnerships, get feedback, and recruit some business support. This will be from 11:30-12: 30 in the I.V.C.
12:20-12:30:                            2nd Period (attendance and send students to appropriate locations by grade level)
12:35-2:37:                              Grade Level Breakouts SEE BELOW
12:35-2:37:                             9th Grade
Students will report to Theatre to work with Gilda Montenegro-Mix on issues related to E.D.I. Six teachers have agreed to lead breakouts, they will attend with 9th grade.
12:35-1:40                              10th and 11th Grade
Students will report to the large gym. Counselors will go over all forecasting materials. This is also an opportunity for students to learn about various elective offerings. If you would like to share information about a course you will be offering, please let me know. If you teach 10th and 11th grade during second AND do not teach Senior Seminar/Econ, please attend with your class. Senior Seminar and Econ teachers will be covered by teachers with 2nd period preps.
1:40-2:37                                10th and 11th Grade
Student return to 2nd period class. They will pick up their forecasting form and a copy of their transcript. Students will complete forecasting form, and if able, complete electronic requests. Course guides will be available.
12:35-1:40                              12th Grade
Students report to the small gym. If you teach senior seminar (any period) please attend. Administrators will go over senior logistics-senior all night, caps and gowns, graduation preview. They will then review their progress towards graduation-learning how to check community service, current grades, on-line courses, senior projects and so on.
1:40-2:37                                12th Grade                                         
Students return to their Senior Seminar/Econ teacher. They will each have an individual graduation check form available as well as a transcript and quick look up. Students will complete their form, and have teacher sign off. If a student is not on track-they can also use this time to work on requirements (complete some community service forms, bring failing grades up, work on senior project paperwork and so on). Those with multiple Senior Seminar/Econ sections will have the assistance of at least one counselor or administrator. Jen Marsden will be in a computer lab during this time to assist students in completing their OSAC applications.

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