Ashland School District Bond Committee Statement of Interest, 2017

Thank you for your interest in serving on the bond committee for Ashland school District! This committee will ideally comprise 15-20 people and will include representation from a wide range of community members. Please help us create a balanced and representative committee by providing a bit of information below. Thank you!

Details about the process and committee are at the bottom of the form.
* Name 
* Address: 
* Email Address: 
* Phone Number:  
* Do you have (or had) children in Ashland schools? If yes, please tell us their ages and which school(s) they attend(ed).  
* What particular ares or issues regarding our district are most important to you?  
* Do you have any unique skills or experience that would be helpful for the bond committee?  
What does a bond committee do?
A school board typically charges a bond committee with developing the first phase of a bond proposal. In short, the bond committee will:
  • Review information from a district-wide facilities study
  • Develop a timeline for a bond proposal and election date
  • Solicit and gathering input from the Ashland school district staff and community to better prioritize capital repairs and improvements
  • Use the information and priorities above to create a preliminary budget
  • Make a recommendation to the school board for a formal bond resolution
What kind of commitment will the bond committee require?
The bond committee will be active from June 2017 through the spring of 2018. Activities, meetings, and other responsibilities for the committee will be determined in collaboration with the Superintendent, Director of Finance and Operations, and committee chairperson.
This is an extremely important group, and will require the dedication of individuals who want to help shape the district for decades to come. While planning for a bond can be intense at times, the lifespan of the bond committee is finite, and will end when the committee makes a recommendation to the school board.
When will I find out if I’m on the bond committee?
The board hopes to seat a bond committee at its June 12, 2017 meeting. However, additional members may be added after that if needed.
Are there other opportunities to be involved with the bond effort?
Absolutely! There are several phases for any bond initiative, including research, planning, gathering input, communicating to voters, and more. Please visit the bond information page on the school district website to keep up on the latest information and opportunities to help.
A brief history of the 2006 Ashland School District bond…
In November, 2006, Ashland voters approved a $46.8M bond in order to:
  • Completely rebuild Bellview Elementary School
  • Upgrade physical education facilities and complete the visual and performing arts facilities at Ashland High School
  • Build a new gym at Helman Elementary
  • Renovate the library at Walker Elementary
  • Renovate the cafeteria at Ashland Middle School
  • Upgrade the technology infrastructure throughout the district, including lighting, fire alarm systems, heating and A/C, roof repairs, and increased accessibility for people with disabilities.
This was a 12-year bond, and is set to expire in the Summer of 2019. The bond was approved in November 2006 with a 56% “Yes” vote.

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